From June 18 to the end of October the basement level of Hastings Steam & Sauna will be closed. The men’s downstairs public sauna will be closed for tile repair and tile replacement. However, our Private Steam/Sauna rooms will still be available for bookings and drop-ins. Please leave us your contact email address for an update on the opening date and a chance to win a free coupon.

Sauna & Steam Bath Services & Rentals in Vancouver

Relax and unwind at Hastings Steam & Sauna in Vancouver. The sauna and steam bath has a long history, offering many health benefits from cleansing the body of toxins to boosting immunity to increasing blood circulation. During your stay, we can supply you with towels, face cloths, and wraps. Our facility also sells water bottles, combs and razors, loofahs, and more. You don’t need to bring anything when you visit Hastings Steam & Sauna – all you need to do is just drop by! Please show up 10 minute prior to your reservation.

We welcome men, women, couples, and large groups. Hastings Steam & Sauna can entertain bridal parties, sports team, and anyone else looking to feel rejuvenated.

Authenticity is a signature at Hastings Steam & Sauna. Our rooms are so authentic and traditional that there have been movie scenes filmed here. Inquiries are accepted for this service as well.

Recommended Sauna Procedure

When it comes to enjoying our steam baths and saunas, we recommend first taking a shower, do a hot relaxing steam, then take a quick cold shower, and repeat. The purpose of this technique is to shock the body to open and close the pores.

Our steam and sauna services include the following:

Private Group Rentals

This is a private co-ed group rental with 2,000 square feet of space that is ideal for sports teams, health groups and seminars, birthdays, or private get-togethers. Our private rentals are also perfect for running clubs, health retreats, or for hosting your own hot yoga classes. We encourage private yoga instructors to rent the room for classes. Each session is a minimum 2.5 hours in length.

Private Steam Baths

We have 3 private 8’ x 8’ steam rooms with shower room and dressing room for women, men, and couples. Our private steam baths are available for 1 – 6 people at a time. Each session is minimum 1.5 hours in length. Timeframe includes 1 full-hour in steam and shower and 30 minutes in dressing room ideal for relaxation and recovery. We also have 3 private 8’ x 8’ electric steam/sauna rooms that offer a steadier and drier-heat steam off of the sauna rocks.

Public Steam Bath (closed for repair from June 18 to end of October)

Our public steam baths are a public space of 2,000 square feet available for men only.

Our saunas and steam baths are thoroughly pressure cleaned after every single use.

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