From June 18 to the end of October the basement level of Hastings Steam & Sauna will be closed. The men’s downstairs public sauna will be closed for tile repair and tile replacement. However, our Private Steam/Sauna rooms will still be available for bookings and drop-ins. Please leave us your contact email address for an update on the opening date and a chance to win a free coupon.

Discover the History of the Steam Bath & Sauna

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Steam baths and saunas have a long history with origins in Finland. The sauna comes in two types: dry heat or wet (steam) heat. The type of sauna to use depends on your own personal preference as well as your ability to tolerate the high humidity in the steam room. If you aren’t sure, Hastings Steam & Sauna, in Vancouver, can help you find the right sauna type. Call to set up your appointment.

Various Cultures & the Sauna

Saunas are not limited to just Finnish culture. In ancient times, Romans, Russians, Aztecs, and Mayans all had their equivalent to the sauna, steam room, or heated public bath house. The Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese also had their own version of the sauna as well as the Native American Indians of North America who had sweat lodges.

For those in the Arab world, Turkish baths also called hammams are visited weekly by a good portion of the population. Poorer individuals may depend on public baths, but hammams are valued by all social classes for deep skin cleansing and exfoliation as well as various health benefits.

Despite some beliefs that saunas offer the most benefits during colder seasons, it is equally beneficial to use a sauna during the hot months as well. By increasing your internal temperature, you will receive more relief from the heat. Also, the air in hot weather carries more pollutants, and a sauna cleanses them away.

Saunas & Steam Rooms Today

Nowadays, you can find plenty of public bath houses throughout Asia and the Middle East while in parts of Europe wet and dry saunas are found in abundance. Saunas are also popular at fitness clubs, spas, and health resorts around the world. For some traditions, intense heat of a sauna or steam room and cooling off periods are rotated back and forth as part of a hot-cold hydrotherapy.

Articles on Hastings Steam & Sauna

Hastings Steam & Sauna is built on a long tradition dating back centuries and spreading over many cultures. Since 1926, we have shared the many health benefits offered by steam baths and saunas. Get to know more about the history of Hastings Steam & Sauna by checking out articles about us from around the Web:

“Feeling the Heat” from the Vancouver Courier, October 8, 2008

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